As temperatures plunge into dangerous territory, hitting unexpected extremes even for February, we at Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis want to remind you that cold weather comes with its own set of dangers.


Along with general discomfort from those blustery winds and freezing temperatures, frostbite and hypothermia are very real risks, especially for older people and those who are homeless.


Here are some tips for prevention and protection during the winter chill:

  • Protect yourself from exposure. If you’re outside, you can warm frostbitten hands by tucking them into your armpits. Cover your face, nose or ears with dry, gloved hands. Don’t rub or put snow on the affected area.
  • Get indoors. Once you’re inside, remove wet clothes. Clothing loses 90 percent of its insulating power when wet.
  • Stay informed. Pay attention to weather forecasts and wind chill readings. In very cold, windy weather, exposed skin can develop frostbite in a matter of minutes.
  • Use your head. Wear a hat that fully covers your ears. Heavy woolen or windproof materials make the best headwear for cold protection.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcoholic beverages cause your body to lose heat faster. If you must drink something, warm, sweet drinks, such as hot chocolate, will help you stay warm.


Find out more about hypothermia and frostbite and how to prevent them here!


And come to Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis if you have any of the symptoms associated with winter weather dangers. We are here to help!