January can be a bleak month, filled with gray, dreary days and chilly, blustery nights. While the chill in the air can’t be blamed for bugs going around the office or school, the cold itself can irritate the body, causing minor ailments.


Each winter season, doctors at Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis find more and more patients complaining of common winter issues in addition to colds and flu. We’ve put together a list of some of the most common issues we see and what steps you can take to stay healthy.


Sore Throat

While a severe sore throat is something your doctor needs to look at, a minor sore throat can put a damper on your day, making everyday actions like talking, eating and drinking uncomfortable. For a minor sore throat, gargle with warm salty water.



Cold air has a hand in making asthma symptoms worse — leading to shortness of breath and wheezing. Exercising outdoors in the chill can make things worse. If you suffer from asthma, keep your inhaler close by and stay out of the wind, which can stir up dust and debris along with cold air.


Dry Skin

To keep dry skin at bay, wash in warm — not hot — water and apply lotions and emollients while your skin is still damp. This helps seal in the moisture.


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