nurseThe Urgent Care Association of America represents the 27,000 urgent care providers in the USA. Each year in May, the Urgent Care Association of America celebrates National Urgent Care Awareness Month. National Urgent Care Awareness Month helps illustrate the immense benefits that urgent care providers have contributed to their community.

American Family Care helped shape the urgent care industry when we were first founded by prioritizing the patient’s needs first. The original idea was built on providing accessible walk-in care to families during the weekend and after school or work. For our Indianapolis, IN urgent care center, we specialize in treating the local families on a walk-in basis, seven days a week. But what has really established American Family Care Indianapolis as the go-to urgent care of central Indiana is our commitment to providing the highest-quality care at an affordable price.

Why Go to American Family Care Indianapolis Instead of the ER?

Having an emergency room in your community is vital for treating life-threatening injuries and illnesses. However, many fail to understand the extent of the services that urgent care centers can treat, as many will instead visit the emergency room.

  • Back Pain
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Strep Throat
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis & Colds
  • Cuts
  • Work Injuries
  • Sports-related Injuries
  • Ear Infections
  • Seasonal Allergies

Here at American Family Care Indianapolis, we also accept most health insurances. Most of these insurances require the same low-cost co-pay as a visit to your primary care physician’s office, unlike an ER visit, which requires an expensive ER co-pay.

Also, a visit to the ER will likely result in a several hour wait, whereas, here at American Family Care Indianapolis, we typically get patients in-and-out the door in under an hour.

Why Go to American Family Care Indianapolis Instead of the Primary Care Physician’s Office?

Having a primary care physician is important, as it dramatically increases the chances of a physician early diagnosing a potentially fatal medical condition. However, there are a number of medical services that can be accessed on a walk-in basis without scheduling an appointment. For these services, American Family Care Indianapolis is the way to go.

We offer the following medical services on a walk-in basis:

  • Sports Physicals
  • Camp Physicals
  • Flu Shots
  • DOT Physicals
  • Lab Testing

For more information about our medical services, call us at 317.826.7425 or walk into our center any day of the week. We look forward to helping you understand the benefits of urgent care this National Urgent Care Awareness Month.