For many people, fall doesn’t just mean crisp nights, beautiful colors and pumpkin season — it means another allergy season! With up to 30% of Americans suffering from hay fever or allergic rhinitis, fall is often full of sneezing, itchy eyes and trips to the doctor. But with prevention and planning, you can spend the fall season enjoying the festivities instead of suffering with hay fever.

Speaking of hay rides, did you know most hay fever is caused by ragweed — not hay! And there are 17 different kinds of ragweed in the U.S. alone? According to scientists, a single ragweed plant can be the source of one billion grains of pollen, catching a ride on the breeze and landing on your hair, clothes and body while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

But you can keep yourself sneeze-free and out of the doctor’s office. Find out some ways to stay healthy in the midst of a severe fall allergy season.

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