What could be easier than making a sandwich? Kids love many kinds of sandwiches, and there are a wide range of healthy options. Try alternating a different type of sandwich each day of the week for variety. For example:

Monday: turkey and cheese

Tuesday: tuna

Wednesday: peanut butter (or almond butter) and jam

Thursday: chicken salad or egg salad

Friday: cheese and tomato

Recruit the kids to help prepping the ingredients. Getting them involved will help them enjoy the meal more. Buying these ingredients from the store could save you hundreds of dollars throughout the school year.

Though leftovers sometimes get a bad rap, kids love them, and they give dinner more mileage. Pack a lunch-sized portion in a Tupperware container right after your evening meal. Then it will be ready to go for the morning. Adding low-fat yogurt, cucumber slices, or cheese and crackers provides variety.

Express Tip: Be sure to include an ice pack in your child’s lunch box to prevent food-borne illnesses.