While some people are still shoveling snow, many Americans are facing yet another blow from the weather just in time for spring – a sudden explosion of pollen for what’s expected to be a particularly nasty allergy season.


Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis can tell this month’s wacky weather is wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers, as we’re already seeing patients coming in for allergy relief.


Find out why we’re seeing the “perfect storm” of allergy issues here!


Here are a few things that can help cut down on the severity of allergies and let you still enjoy the spring season:

  • If you’ve been outside, take a shower before you go to bed and change into fresh clothes so you don’t bring pollen onto your sheets that may have clung to your skin, hair or clothes.
  • Limit outdoor activity to late afternoon – pollen counts are highest in the morning.
  • It’s best to go outside after a good rain, which helps clear pollen from the air.
  • Keep car and home windows closed and opt for air conditioning at night to keep pollen out.
  • Change your bedding and pillow covers often.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.


Enjoying warmer weather is one of the best things about spring, so go ahead and smell the flowers! Just remember Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis is here for allergy relief if you need us.