As we spring forward in March, most of us are falling back into habits we swore on the New Year we wouldn’t do anymore. This is why the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reminds us every March of the importance of combining healthy eating and physical exercise by celebrating National Nutrition Month, their eat-right campaign.


Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis has some easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine:


Healthy exercise routines: The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition advises that youth (6-17 years old) should be active for 60 minutes a day, and adults (18 years and older) should be active for 30 minutes a day.

Make informed food choices: While nutrition facts and ingredient lists aren’t exactly light reading, it’s important to understand what we’re putting in our bodies. The higher the ingredient is on the list, the more of it there is in comparison to the other ingredients.

Don’t deprive; satisfy: Begin with short-term goals, such as starting with fruit or vegetable substitutes for that mid-morning snack. Eventually set a long term goal, such as incorporating one vegetarian dinner into your week.


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Enjoying a healthy lifestyle balance is important to the doctors at Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis! That’s why we offer health and wellness programs to help you stay up to date on ways to practice healthy eating and incorporate physical activity into your routine.