“My 14 month old’s visit was very quick. The staff definitely made sure that they were helpful and gentle. They were great!”

Denise F

“I would like to say that Dr. Heather G. and her staff were the bomb! They took such great care of me and were very professional, explaining things to me every step of the way. The medical student even held my hand! I can’t thank them enough for their kindness!”

Linda J

“I have visited a number of so called ‘immediate care’ facilities and have never witnessed one with such a unique and wonderful concept as DE. The key difference in your business over the others is the key fact of having a doctor on staff and the premises at all times. That is a major difference. One can expect to get more from visiting DE over the others. This is great and I love having you around. Thanks.”

Ralph P

“I was extremely impressed with how quick I was seen and how fantastic the doctor was!”

Katie D

“I was extremely satisfied with the services I received. From the moment I entered the door until I left, I was taken care of. Thank you!!”

Joel M

“I went to the new Doctor’s Express Wednesday morning, February 11th. I was the 1st person in and Dr. Ahmad Imtiaz saw me immediately. He asked great questions and seemed to genuinely care about my condition.”

Gregg J

“This was my second visit to Doctors Express, once in summer for poison sumac and yesterday for bronchitis. My doctor on both visits was Heather Gutwein. I only wish that she was my family practice doctor. On both occasions I felt at ease and able to converse with her openly. She is truly a concerned doctor. I will highly recommend Doctors Express to family and friends.”

Mary A

“My family and I have been to Doctors Express 3 time and we will definitely visit again! The staff is friendly and welcoming; the doctors are knowledgeable, thorough and comforting; and the environment is clean, modern and bright. We have never had a long wait and this location is very convenient. We are planning to come back for my son’s sport physical and will visit Doctor’s Express whenever we need to be seen!”

Heidi W

“I was impressed with how I was treated and the attentive care I received. Best experience I’ve had at a doctor’s office.”

Angelina L

“I seldom need to see an MD, but it was necessary at this time. The receptionist was very friendly and through. The nurse was exceptional. Very caring. MD was prompt to see me and explained my diagnosis and treatment. It was a great team. I will recommend and if I ever need assist I will return as I don’t have a primary MD. Thank you.”

Jackie D

“This was my first visit with my 3 year old daughter. The nurses and Dr were very friendly to her and made her smile despite her 102.4 degree fever.”

Ryan B



“I thought everyone was very kind, attentive. Everyone smiled, looked neat and was sincerely concerned for my son’s well-being. The physician listened and answered questions and did not rush us out. A great experience and it is only .75 miles from my home! I will make sure to let my neighbors know. Thank you.”

Michelle M



“The Doctor on call, Dr. Heather Gutwein, was very helpful, listened to my problem,ordered tests and then called my Doctor to discuss the situation with him. She was very caring, concerned about my situation and explained everything very well . We live 10 minutes away from this new urgent care and will tell our friends and neighbors about this very pleasant. Doctors Express is so fortunate to have such a dedicated Doctor.”

Tom H



“It was a great experience!”

Federico B



“I am very thankful. The team was very friendly and let me know that the Dr. would see me shortly.”

Susan S



“First off I would like to say that Kimberly and Dr. Heather were awesome. They were speedy and efficent. I called Kimberly just minutes before I arrived to explain my urgent situation. And she was ready for me. I was so greatly appreciative for that. I’m a asthmatic and any kind of help is always good. I will always go here. Dr. Heather was also very good explained everything, asked a lot of questions. And did her very best to get me better. The cost was good, it wasn’t as high as I thought it be.”

Nichelle M



“I was highly impressed with the entire experience. It was so much better than languishing in an ER for hours. If needed, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again. It was clean, well-equipped, personal, and had engaging, warm, and knowledgeable staff. I’d take this over an ER, depending on the situation, anytime! Thanks for being there!”

Carol P



“Very fast and efficient the doctor was nice and answered all my questions. I will definitely return in the future!”

Brandon P



“I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism & friendliness of all staff members!”

Julie T



“I felt very welcome and like I was a priority. I will tell others about this location and the friendly staff!”

DeAnn S



“The staff was very nice and the doctor was efficient.”

Delaney S



“We saw Dr. Gutwein. She was fabulous. My daughter (with the broken/dislocated toe) felt like she really took the time to explain to her what had happened. She drew toe diagrams on the table paper for her to understand. She was very kind and answered all my questions. I was disappointed that we had to be referred somewhere else for treatment due to the severity of the injury because I liked her. And our experience later at the Orthopedist was very different.”

Bianca P



“This doctors express office has to be just about the best one in the entire country…. Except for a small amount of waiting at checkin (mostly due to a lack of understanding their computer systems), both times I have been treated better and more throughly examined (and treated) than I have 3/4s of the times I’ve gone to my primary care doctor! Both doctors were extremely kind, detailed, and great about explaining what is actually going on (which helps me better understand how to get better) — one doctor even drew out a detailed drawing of what was happening on the examination bed! Thanks so much!”

Dan S



“I’ve been to several urgent care centers in recent years and have to put this visit on or near the top in terms of wait time, care and price. It helped that I visited right after the center opened on a Saturday morning. The facility is also new. Staff was friendly and doctor was great. I really, really appreciated the opportunity to receive meds on site – saved a trip to the pharmacy and price was fair. Price for overall service was also fair. I visited an urgent care facility in Naples, Fla., in February 2014. The wait was a pain – even on a Saturday AM. It was operated by the local hospital and I was charged ER-like prices. My only complaint about urgent care centers, in general, is the lack of late-night, overnight hours. But I understand the need to balance staffing with peak and low demand. I will recommend the Indianapolis – Keystone Ave. location to my mother. Thanks again.”

David P.



“Everything was great, the staff was very friendly, it really put me at ease.”

Larry G



“I really liked the Dr. and the whole staff that helped me. The place was convenient to my home and very, very clean. I wish I had gone there two weeks ago when I first injured my foot.”

Betty D



“Dr. Nadelson and the rest of the staff were excellent!”

Sikander K



“I have no complaints about my care at all….from the girls at the front to the attending physician, I was efficiently and respectfully cared for….Thanks!!!”

Scott L



“My first visit to the new office, it was wonderful! DR. Nadelson and staff went above and beyond, thank you so much!”

Milissa W