It’s wedding season, and when planning for your wedding, one of the most important things you can plan for is a happier, healthier you. Whether “healthier” means losing extra weight, quitting bad habits or just keeping peace of mind until your big day, reaching your goal and maintaining it can be as easy as saying “I do.”


Before deciding on a diet or health plan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends taking a step back and reflecting on what your goal is and what obstacles might prevent you from reaching your goal. Be sure to choose a plan that works for you. A few recommendations include:

  • Go on a 15-30 minute walk during your break.
  • Eat more proteins and fewer carbs. Fuel your body; don’t deprive it!
  • Lift free weights (or any heavy item, such as a phone book or a water jug).
  • Change up your routine each day to ensure maximum results.

Crash dieting, or failing to eat regularly, is never the answer and can prevent you from losing weight and make you sick. If you have questions about dieting or exercise, visit Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis to speak with our experienced medical staff.

The Big Day

Weddings are a lot of work, and a good breakfast and light snacks throughout the day can help prevent stress and fatigue.

At the beginning of the day, eat a good breakfast. Granola and yogurt, fruit or oatmeal can all make great breakfast choices that are quick and easy. Also, between the service and reception, make sure healthy snacks such as fruits, low calorie drinks and desserts are available. Be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and prevent feeling stiff and sore.

Happily Ever After

After the “I do,” don’t lose your new “you” as you transition back to everyday life. The American Heart Association’s Choose to Move program recommends maintaining 30 minutes of physical activity a day as well a choosing healthier food options.

For tips on how to maintain an active lifestyle after the wedding, click here!

Fitness Magazine says, “your relationship will be more successful and happy if you are personally happy.” We at Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis agree, because health and happiness start with you.