If you’re on the go and out and about this holiday season, you’re likely to come across a germ or two. In our everyday lives, there are any number of places we go without thinking — like the gas station or the ATM — and don’t realize germs are lurking out of sight. Normally this is not an issue because our immune systems know how to handle germs, but during the winter we are often more prone to catching the bugs that go around.

Here’s a look at some of the places you might visit this winter where you may (unknowingly) come in contact with germs:

The gas pump: People pump gas at all times, sick or not. To protect yourself from catching viruses at the pump, use some of the window wiper paper towels to cover the pump handle. You can also use the paper towels as a barrier when punching in your debit card numbers or zip code.

ATM, bank or stores: Bring your own pen if you’re going to be signing credit card receipts. Public pens are like money – covered in germs. When using the debit card machine or ATM, punch in your info with your knuckles, not your fingertips. That way, when you rub your eye or mouth with your fingertip, you’re not transferring germs. Money is one of the germiest objects to touch, so sanitize the outside of your wallet, debit/credit cards and handles of your purse to keep germs from spreading.

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Be alert when out and about this holiday season. You want to spend the season celebrating, not sick in bed. But if you do get sick, come to Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis to get checked out — we’re open even on holidays!