We know you’ve done it. Instead of coming to see our friendly faces at Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis, you sat down with your computer and searched the Internet for a diagnosis. Maybe you found your symptoms are common and it gave you peace of mind. Or maybe you were led to a not-so-likely conclusion with a dramatic life-threatening illness.

While we do recommend coming in for a visit when you have questions, we also want to make sure you’re finding quality information when you do that initial health research online!

Here are some tips to find the most accurate medical information online:

  • Look for sites ending in .gov, .org or .edu. These are typically associated with government agencies, nonprofit organizations and schools or universities.
  • Go directly to the source. Doctors often have information online in the form of published research and blogs, and often are quoted as part of news articles. If you don’t know where to start, try our national Doctors Express site.
  • Try reputable schools, hospitals or other organizations. The Mayo Clinic has a site with symptom lists, and other sites often have searchable databases of information.

Get more tips here!

Stick to reputable institutions and sites. Then follow up with Doctors Express Urgent Care Indianapolis, and we can provide helpful next steps in dealing with your symptoms!